Well this year we had two sedans at the picnic but we were very lucky with the weather and the location. Everything was fantastic organised down to Rocket Cover races , car competitions as well as bands playing in the background. Around 1000 fully restored cars showed up and made this event to one of the most beautiful car shows.


One of our club members sedan , freshly painted HangingRock02.jpg (91112 bytes)
Admiring the other beautiful cars
Roger's sedan as usually in a mint show condition. HangingRock04.jpg (81383 bytes)
After hours of admiring the other cars we had a well deserved picnic at the Hanging Rock. HangingRock05.jpg (71562 bytes)
Other really nice cars at the picnic HangingRock06.jpg (66153 bytes) HangingRock07.jpg (102501 bytes) HangingRock08.jpg (81145 bytes)
  HangingRock11.jpg (79695 bytes) HangingRock10.jpg (104202 bytes)