Completely new to the Borgward world. I am actually a Ford Cortina nut. That aside, I was offered 3 Lloyd Alexander TS cars for nothing as they were going to be scrapped. Not knowing anything about them, I did some quick research and got a vague idea of what was what. I then took my wife out to have a look at the cars (I have a few Cortinas, and another car would require negotiation...). She loved them, and we decided to adopt. Of the 3 cars, 2 of them are beyond any possible sensible restoration, and were only good for some parts (Lloyd I and Lloyd II), but Lloyd III is in excellent unrestored and partially dismantled conditon. I have ascertained that Lloyd III was sold by Bill Buckle, and it has a Leo Hartnett chrome badge on the front of the bonnet. It was apparently a one owner car that was driven for 10 years until it was parked in a business in 1968 (it has 37,000 miles on the clock which, looking at the condition of the car and engine appears to be consistent, and not once or more around the clock). It remained there for 30 years under cover. When the business closed down, the current owners saw it, and asked what was happening with it. They were told it was to be wrecked. They grabbed it and took it home. It has been at their place for the past 10 years. They did not do any work on it, and it has just sat there - thankfully under cover. They are moving up to Port Macquarie, and they are rationalising their cars and offered me the car if I wanted it.
The body has only a small amount of surface rust (even the floor pan and rails are excellent), and there is no damage anywhere on the car. There was some bonus paperwork with the car including the original log books/service books/delivery information as well as a full parts list book and the kicker... a full mechanical workshop book which is in English.
I plan on taking this one slowly as I know very little about these things, but I will do a full original restoration on the car, starting with the underbody and moving my way up. I have noticed some bits and pieces that may be missing (although I got 8 boxes of various bits and pieces with the car, so goodness knows what is in there).