My Borgward was built in 1957, and first registered in NZ in 1958. It's mileage is 112450 miles. It's first owner was a Mr Frank Kennedy who was publican in the South Island city of Timaru - the birthplace of Phar Lap. He moved to Balclutha a small town also in the South Island and sold the vehicle in 1973 when my wife and I bought it for $800 with 69,160 miles on the clock. It was largely used as our second car from 1973 to 1988


when we stopped using it frequently. From about 1992 until 2000 it was parked up. In 2001 I decided to "give it a life" and I had it brought back to good mechanical condition and had it registered, warranted (cert of fitness), and comprehensively insured. Our kids who are now all middle-aged have forbidden me from selling the Borgward, saying that "we grew up with that lovely car,you simply can't sell it!".