Schöner leben mit Lloyd (Live finer with Lloyd) Letzte Sonnenstunden des Jahres, würzige Herbstluft und winterliche Frische genießen auch Sie, von der Heizung wohlig durchgewärmt, in Ihrem LLOYD mit Schiebedach. (Also you will enjoy the last hours of sunshine of the year, the piquant autumn air, the freshness of winter, comfortably warmed by the heater, in your LLOYD with a sunroof.) So read an advertisement in the early 1950s. My trans-lation doesn´t capture all of its feeling, but you´ll understand how it struck a chord with Germans. Germany had lost World War 1 with a huge death toll, suffered humiliation and poverty, then had a brief boom in the thirties, at the cost of having an oppressive dictatorship that had murdered millions of its citizens, then there had been another terrible war with unimaginable destruction and death, followed by the loss of the eastern provinces with 16 million people being made refugees, and then a new period of poverty and hunger – not to mention the remainder of the land being divided into two hostile countries.

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Found this YouTube video, which shows most of the Borgward models, some ads and some pictures from the factory. It is comparing the cars against BMW etc. Unfortunately it is in German but even then it is worth watching just for the pictures.

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Christian Borgward, the president of the new Borgward AG has established this web site, which publishes some interesting information about the comeback of the Borgward car.

Some say it is just a dream and others do think it could become reality. I guess time will tell.

Link to Borgward AG

Christian Borgward revealed that a prototype is currently being tested and that development of a new factory or outsourcing of production to manufacturers like Karmann or Magna Steyr will be the most likely route for the new model. Borgward is predicting sales levels of up to 50,000 units per year for his new model, which is estimated to cost between €65,000 and €90,000.

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Anthony, congratulations on your baby boy Cooper Jack.


Enjoy every minute with him and I hope we all get to know him during the next club meeting

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