About my Isabella TS This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Laura, South Australia

I was infected with the Borgward virus in 2001 after reading about them in German magazines and seeing a couple of them on display at car shows, and began collecting books on them and searching for the right car.

In my reading, I had learnt of the colour flamingorot, which had actually only been created for an advertising brochure, but later was to become the fashion colour of 1959. I decided that I just had to have an Isabella in this colour. By delightful chance I discovered that the cousin of a long time friend had just such a car, and I hounded him until he sold it to me. In truth, he was happy to sell it, for he hadn´t driven it in over a year, had no time to carry out some necessary repairs, and above all, he needed space in his over-filled garage.

I know quite a lot about the history of my Isabella. It was built in March 1959, and sold at the Royal Show in Adelaide in September of that year. Presumably the conservative residents of Adelaide in those years found the colour to be much less attractive than I do! The first owner, Mr. Reg Wingard of Port Lincoln, however, was an individualist, and he also loved his Borgward very much, and retained and maintained it for the rest of his life. He was a brilliant amateur engineer and a highly regarded motor cycle racer and modifier; his heavily re-engineered Jawa has been recently restored by another enthusiast. My Isabella has many signs of his expert maintanance and ingenuity, including extra gauges mounted in a cast nacelle under the dash, done so expertly that everyone thinks they are original. I have had the pleasure of showing the restored car to his widow, and taking her for a drive in it.

 With the car, I received not only the factory shop manual and many spare parts, but also old several motor magazines which contained contemporary road tests of the Borgward. The original owner had been a real enthusiast of the marque, just as I have become. Borgwards seem to affect people that way.

After the original owner passed on, and the car was purchased by a collector and restorer, who drove her for a time with pride as his everyday car, following which she became mine. I have since had the car re-painted in the original colour and re-upholstered  as close as possible to original, and many mechanical and electrical components have been re-conditioned or replaced. The Isabella is a totally reliable, fast, comfortable and very economical touring car, and I have taken it on numerous long trips to attend old car rallies. After driving all day, I arrive refreshed and relaxed - the Isabella is superior to nearly all cars of the fifties, and better than many modern cars in this regard.


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