The Borgward Car Club of Australia has been an incorporated body sine the end of 2002, and has a constitution which allows members in any part of Australia to participate on the Committee via E-mail or telephone or letter. 

The Club publishes an interesting and informative quarterly newsletter, is helping as far as possible with obtaining spare parts, encouraging friendships between Borgward enthusiasts, and promoting participation in regional events. At present the Club has around 50 members, including some who bought Borgwards new, and some who were only born decades after the Borgward-Group had met its untimely end. The Club has both men and women members, and a large proportion of members in rural areas.

A Borgward Club was formed as early as 1984 in Melbourne, Victoria, and organised outings and meetings for several years. These are still remembered fondly by people who were members back then. Unfortunately the Club died out through lack of interest early in 1995. Thanks to the then President Ray Harrison, who had bought his first Borgward vehicle, a Hansa Combi, as back in 1961, the Club experienced a rebirth in 1997. A big letter campaign brought to light enough members who were ready to reform the Club. Since this time, the Club has steadily grown and become better organised.

Many members have extensive restoration projects in progress, while others have their cars already finished and are able to participate in various functions. The Isabella Coupé is the most popular model in the Club by quite a margin, followed by other Isabella models. There are also some Hansa, Goliath und Lloyd vehicles in the Club, and we hope that in the future more Borgward enthusiasts will be showing more interest in these relatively rare cars.

Members are encouraged to participate in larger regional events, such as the various German Autofests or the famous Bay to Birdwood Classic in Adelaide, and to appear together as a Club group. As can be seen in this Webpage, this is happening very successfully, and participation in further events is planned.

Ww wish to become active in the ensuring of availability of parts, especially in that there are many firms in Australia which have specialised in the manufacture of parts for collector cars, and often do this better and cheaper than is the case in overseas countries. We are therefore planning to invest Club monies in such projects, and have already had lenses manufactured, which are being resold cheaply to Club members.

The most important function of a Club such as ours is the promotion of contacts between enthusiasts of the marques, including mutual support among people with restorations in progress, which appears to be working very well. Many freindships have been formed among our members, united as they are by the common interest.

To anyone in Australasia who is interested in Lloyd, Goliath, Hansa, or Borgward vehicles, membership in the Borgward Register of Australia is a good investment. At only $10 per year or $17.50 for two years with e-c opies of the newsletter (§20 and $35 for print copies sent by post in Australia) there is a lot to be gained; a very good newsletter, useful information, useful contacts and much enjoyment through meeting friendly people with similar interests.